Phase 1 Plant

With a goal of becoming a leading lithium supplier, Nemaska Lithium is building a Phase 1 demonstration plant that utilizes the Company's proprietary lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate processes. The Phase 1 plant will have an average combined capacity of 610 tonnes per year. The Company decided to commission this Phase 1 plant in advance of starting operation of its larger commercial facility for several very important reasons:

  1. Nemaska Lithium will demonstrate its ability to repeatedly produce lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate according to quality specifications as defined by customers including battery customers.
  2. Nemaska Lithium intends to qualify its products with customers and sign off-take agreements before starting operation of the commercial plant.
  3. The development of skills and staff training will allow quick start of the commercial plant.
  4. Process improvements can be made during the life of the demonstration plant and integrated into the construction of the commercial plant.
  5. The Company will also process lithium sulfate solution that is produced by some customers in their industrial processes and convert it into lithium hydroxide.