The Whabouchi property is located in the North-East part of the Superior geological province, more precisely in the North-East part of the Lac des Montagnes formation. The Lac des Montagnes volcano-sedimentary belt is an aluminum-bearing meta-sediments and amphibolite sequence containing basalts and ultramafic sills.

These rocks are highly sheared and cut by 20% late granitoids (leucogranite and biotite-bearing pegmatite). The spodumene-bearing pegmatite zone is located in the heart of the Lac des Montagnes belt. It is hosted in an amphibolized meta-basalt along a NE-SW direction. Its approximately 1.3 km in length by 130 metres wide, with a depth reaching at least 300 metres below the surface.

The lithium in the Whabouchi deposit is almost exclusively in the spodumene. Spodumene cristals are light-green and can reach 30 cm in size. The average content of spodument in the Whabouchi deposit represents 20% in volume. Another lithium-containing mineral, petalite, can be observed and represents less than 2% in average.