Lithium Mine Plan

The Feasibility Study outlines a combined open pit and underground lithium mine. During the first 24 years, production will be derived from an open-pit developed to a maximum depth of 224 meters and with an average strip ratio of 2.95 to 1. The open pit lithium mine will be mined using a standard fleet of off-road mining trucks and hydraulic excavators at a rate of 2,830 tonnes of ore per day.

During the last 9 years, production will be derived from an underground operation at 3,665 tonnes per day and accessed via a ramp within the open pit. The underground development will reach an average depth of 55 metres below the lithium mine pit bottom. The selected underground mining method is longhole stoping with the crown pillar below the pit recovered at the end of the lithium mine life.

The Certificates of Authorization from the relevant Québec and Federal Government regulatory authorities were obtained respectively in September and July 2015.  On site, power requirements at the lithium mine are expected to average 5 MW during operations and will be provided by a 25 kV power line connecting Whabouchi to one of the two nearby hydro-electric power stations.

Nemaska Lithium - Whabouchi - 2018 Feasibility Study